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What I propose to you

Based on a Psychodynamic approach, I use non-judgment and benevolence as centers of the therapy. We are going to work as a team : you are allowing yourself to feel better, and I am going to help you on this journey. I use the Narrative therapy, the Psychoanalysis approach, and the Emotional centered approach.

What does all of that mean ? It means that you won't be alone, I will be empathetic and reflective on what you are talking about and what you are feeling (or not feeling). It also means that I will be able to give you some tools to help you in your daily life (even if it is not the main purpose of my practice). And it also means that we are going to go around your past, but we will also focus on your present and your future.

I can provide therapy in English and in French.


You can learn more about me and my practice here.


  • FEES : Sessions are charged $140. But I know that a therapy remains a financial commitment; that's why I'm offering sliding scale fees on a case by case basis starting at $90. The main idea is to make it possible for you to follow up your therapy over several weeks in a serene way. For all prices GST is included. For people living outside of Canada, please contact me and we will discuss about it together.

  • RCC : As a Registered Clinical Counsellor I will provide you receipts for insurance purposes if needed. Please inquire with your insurance provider regarding coverage prior to booking.

  • FNHA : As a First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) Health Benefits mental health service provider, I can provide sessions for FNHA Clients.


  • INTRODUCTION CALL : Before the first session I propose a ten-twenty minutes call in order to discuss a little more about your needs and my possibilities towards them.

  • ONLINE/IN PERSON : Online sessions are provided via the secured Zoom platform (or on other applications that provide video conference). In person sessions are offered in Fairview (1638 West Broadway), in a private and cosy office. It is located one block from Granville street.​​

  • DURATION : Sessions last 50 minutes. No more, no less : regularity is also an important part of your evolution in the therapy.

  • PAYMENT : I accept payment by Interac, PayPal, Revolut. For in-person sessions I also accept cash. Payments are due at the end of the session but can also be made in advance; at your convenience.

  • REGULARITY : Working with me on your wellness involves weekly sessions. I don't provide sessions on an every other week basis, as I am seeking for you to see improvement. Recurrence is a condition for efficient and effective therapy.

  • CANCELLATION : My cancellation policy requires a payment in case of cancellation within 72 hours before the appointment : again, recurrence is a necessity in your therapy. Also, it is a part of the sliding scale fees I can propose.


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