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It was above all driven by a great curiosity about human beings, how they function and their questions, that I became interested in psychology. After graduating as a Clinical Psychologist from the University of Aix-Marseille, France, in 2014, and completing two years of further training (Inter-University Diploma from the University of Lyon 1 Claude Bernard, France), I worked for several years as a Clinical Psychologist in a hospital setting (Maternity Ward). I took care of vulnerable patients, victims, in crisis, ill, suffering from loss and bereavement. I then practiced for several years in Montreal, QC (Canada), where I remain a member of the Ordre des Psychologues du Québec. This practice, in a private environment, led me to take charge of patients with a variety of disorders and psychopathologies. Finally, in Vancouver, BC (Canada), I first developed my trauma therapy practice by working as a Clinical Counsellor at BWSS (Battered Women Support Services). I then developed my private practice by registering (still as a Clinical Counsellor) with the BCACC and, at the same time, I'm currently working for the CARE program at BC Women's hospital, also as a Clinical Counsellor. Indeed, Canada and its rules do not allow me to work with my French or even Quebec psychologist diploma in British Columbia. Please note: I am a Counsellor, but I will always work as a clinical psychologist.


In my practice today, my patients are mainly people who have experienced, and/or are still experiencing, painful and traumatic situations that are illogical and unthinkable (such as perinatal situations, for example). They are also patients who are particularly distressed by their past, present and future, as well as patients who are facing major life changes (as in immigration issues, for example). Finally, some of my patients find themselves in a state of paralyzing existential questioning, and are looking for a place to put down their malaise and work on it in complete confidence. All of them are looking for relief from their pain, and every week we look for (and find) a way for them to feel better.



My psychodynamic, psychoanalytically-oriented approach places non-judgment and caring at the heart of therapy and support sessions. So you can express yourself freely, without fear of embarrassment, shame or misunderstanding. The therapeutic alliance is an essential point that I develop and nurture through listening, empathy and presence in the relationship. In the psychotherapeutic encounter, I'm particularly interested in the relationship between the patient's emotions and words, the place and role of ambivalence, and the difficulty of living with intrapersonal paradoxes. 


My fields of specialization :

  • Traumatic shock and complex trauma;

  • Perinatal problematics (desire for a child, pregnancy, postpartum, perinatal bereavement);

  • Grief (loss of a loved one, break-up, radical undesired changes etc.)

  • Anxiety, anguish, stress;

  • Depression, depressed mood;

  • Relationship problems and difficulties (personal and professional);

But also :

  • Self-esteem, assertiveness;

  • Impulsiveness;

  • Attachment problem;

  • Life transitions;

  • Search for meaning, existential exploration.

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